¡Hola! ¿Como estas? ¿Hablas español? – Hello! How are you? Do you speak Spanish?


Yeah, you probably do…a little bit. You probably know all these simple greetings and other phrases in Spanish, but you probably won’t be able to carry on a full conversation with a Latino stranger who’s never ever heard English before. That’s why you need to have Google Translate.


That’s no problem at all. Google has said that it is now “integrating translation features into individual apps with the roll-out of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.” If you’ve got an Android, this’ll be so easy.


Marshmallow is coming to your phone soon. However, if you’ve got a new Nexus device with Marshmallow already installed, you can just install Google Translate onto your phone. That way, you can get to all the great options for translations from any of your favorite apps.


It depends on the developer of a particular app to support the feature. Still, Google says that the whole integration process isn’t hard to do at all and “…TripAdvisor, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are already on board…”


Most likely, all of Google’s very own apps will be able to access this tool in Marshmallow soon. There are already over 5000 million users translating an excess of 100 billion words on a daily basis. You can even translate up to 27 new languages immediately. Now that’s pretty cool.


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