There are times when you need to save the juice in your smart phone’s battery, so that you can use it to do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes, it’s at the very most inconvenient times that your phone battery dies and leaves you unable to make calls, send texts, play games and more. So when you’re out and you know that you won’t be able to recharge your phone until you get back home, you should keep a number of things in mind. We’re talking about things that you can do to preserve your battery. They include the following:

  • Take your phone off of vibrate, whether it relates to incoming calls, messages or other notifications. It’s often much more energy-consuming than other options, so it’s a better idea to put your phone on a ringtone for notifications instead of on vibrate.
  • Lower the brightness of your screen, so that you can lessen the amount of power you consume when you use your phone. You can even select the auto-brightness setting to allow the smart phone to adjust itself according to the optimum level for use, while preserving the battery’s charge.
  • Save battery power by shortening the screen timeout as well. That means that after you’ve finished using the screen, your phone won’t have to spend precious energy to keep the screen on for very long.
  • When you’re not using your phone, turn it off so that you can save as much of the battery as you can. It’s a better option than using the sleep or inactive mode.
  • Learn about the type of battery your smart phone uses and the best charging strategies you should use for them, to help get the maximum charge from them.
  • Close any apps that don’t need to be open or used, because they tend to drain the battery very quickly.
  • Turn your smart phone’s GPS off, because it can use up quite a lot of energy as well. A lot of apps use the GPS system to track your location, sending and receiving signals when they aren’t even being used.
  • Lessen the number of notifications that you have coming to your smart phone, especially if they aren’t absolutely necessary.
  • Keep your smart phone as cool as you can, because that tends to help your battery preserve its charge and function at its best.

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