Cell Phone Accessories Ottawa

We carry all of the latest accessories for your cell phone from cases and charges to protective glass and memory cards. We have a fully stocked inventory of all cell phone accessories that are commonly purchased and the necessities such as chargers and car chargers for your phone. We also work with North American and Canadian suppliers to ensure that we can order in any cell phone accessory you don’t find in our store quickly and at great prices.

Wireless Revolution is more than just a cell phone repair shop and accessory centre. We offer advice on the right accessories and parts for your phone and we can even show you how to setup, use, and install accessories for your smart phone, tablet, cell phone or computer.

Come check us out and see for yourself why Wireless Revolution is Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair and cell phone accessory shop. We are conveniently located on Bank Street with ample parking and a bright, fully renovated new store front. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and available to answer any questions you may have about your cell phone.

We also offer cell phone unlocking so you can get your phone unlocked and ready for your preferred provider while at the same time choosing the perfect accessories to make your phone unique and truly yours.