It must be the most annoying thing ever!!! You’ve had your phone sitting there on the charger (undisturbed) for like 50 minutes, and the battery power can’t even get past 25%. What a waste. Maybe it’s time to get a new phone…or not!


In this article, we can show you simple things you can do to improve your charging situation, pronto.


  • You should tidy up your phone. Check to see if your phone’s charging port and cable are clean on the inside. There may simply be a tiny foreign object on the inside of either, that is obstructing their connection.


  • Try a new operating system (OS). Maybe you need an update. It could increase your phone’s efficiency, causing it to make better use of your battery life.


  • Maybe your phone has a little trouble with the lack of contact between the microUSB charger and the USB port. Turn the phone off, remove the battery and get something that you can use to lift the USB’s tap open a little bit. See if that makes a difference.


  • Maybe it’s time to just get a new battery. It may be old and it’s simply done its days. Getting a new one may just solve all your charging problems.


  • When your phone is charging, try to just leave it alone. Turn off things that suck the battery, like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so that it would get the most out of its charging time.


  • Try getting your battery recalibrated. It may be misinforming you, showing you that your battery’s high, when it’s not and vice versa.


  • Check out other stuff that may cause these problems. It may not be your phone or you battery, it could be your charging tools or maybe your wall socket. Take a look at these stuff – they may have a bigger effect than you think.


So if you’ve tried all of these and nothing worked, don’t worry. All you need to do is come to us. We’re here to cater to your mobile needs. If you want to repair the smart phone you already have or unlock it, don’t forget us! Give us a call, as we are Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair shop, with a complete inventory of cell phone parts and accessories to get your wireless phone fixed ASAP. We’ll have you back talking, texting, and using your phone in no time!