There are so many cool accessories for your smart phone these days, especially for Samsung phones. Recently there’s been one that’s been the talk of the town fpr the Galaxy S5. It’s the Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case.


It’s actually a case that’s specifically built for allowing the use of a case with the battery itself. For those of you with a fear of ever having to remove your phone from its case for any reason, whatsoever – you can worry no more. The Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case enables you to keep your cover on your phone, while it’s in the battery case. Woo hoo!


But that’s not all…


The case is great for facilitating easy sliding of the phone into the charging spot as it snaps the GS5 charging cover right into position. It allows you full usage of your phone, charging it via microUSB. The case’s battery capacity is equivalent to that of the GS5’s battery – 2,800mAh.


That’s the major satisfactory, problem-solving benefit. For only $79.99, you can get this stylish accessory in blue or grey. You don’t need to put your phone down and wait for it to charge with an external or wall socket charger; you can simply put the power case on and go back to normal function.


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