When you’re ready to block out the rest of the world and immerse yourself in your music, or when you need to take a call but your hands are all busy, you can get yourself a headset earpiece or ‘headphones’. They can give you a great music experience that’s just like the hi-fi speaker systems, while offering you privacy that’s limited to you alone, as well.


Headsets tend to come in different shapes and sizes which have changed and improved over the years. Most of them come in a smaller, more user-friendly design, some including microphones which are mainly for the purpose of communication. The purchase of your headset should depend mainly on the purpose for which you want it. You should consider whether you want it for as well as its design, features, durability and more. We’re going to show you what the different types of headsets are:


  • There’s the earbud, which is basically a standard headphone that’s pretty inexpensive and sits loosely outside of the ears. It usually comes packaged free with most mobile phones and music players when you buy them, offering somewhat average sound quality.
  • There’s the in-ear canal headset, which fits snugly in the entrance of the ear canal and is made from materials like silicon, rubber, foam, etc. Headsets like this offer quite a good sound quality and performance level, especially as compared to the standard earbud.
  • There’s the over-the-ear headset, which has large ear cups that envelope the ear from the outside, unlike the in-ear canal headset. This type of headset normally comes with a band that goes behind or over the head, or it may have a small ear-clip which sits on top the ear to secure it there.
  • There’s the on-the-ear headset, which comes with foamed ear-cups which sit on the ear itself, stopping surrounding noises from coming through the headset. This type of headset tends to offer the highest quality in sound and is normally used by professionals.


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