Common cell phone charging problems are:

  1. Port for charging is slack so charging has to be done in a technical way.
  2. Partial charges.
  3. Won’t charge at all
  4. Slow charging.

Cellphone batteries have an average lifespan of about 2 years. As that time gets closer you will notice that the battery stays charged for less time and eventually stops charging all together. Most times a battery replacement will resolve any charging issue you’re having. If the battery hasn’t passed its expected lifespan as yet then the problem could be the cable for the charger or the port. Double check that connectors are intact and if dirty clean them out with rubbing alcohol. Also, it could be that you’re using the wrong charger so make sure you have the right one for your phone or get a new one if it’s broken. Maybe your technically inclined and you can fix these things by yourself but if not have it checked by an expert. Here’s a basic description of what you’ll need to do with most phones:

Parts Needed

  • Plastic pry tool
  • Replacement port
  • Screwdriver


  1. Make sure your hands are clean or wear protective gloves.
  2. Take the phone off and rest it face down on a flat surface.
  3. Take of the battery cover and remove the battery.
  4. Take out all the screws from the back casing of the phone.
  5. Open the housing using the pry tool.
  6. Disconnect the ribbon cable that extends from beneath the phone to the main circuit board.
  7. Remove the port’s cover using the pry tool.
  8. Unscrew the charging port screws. Slide the port assembly out from beneath the phone.
  9. Do new port installation.
  10. Reverse these steps and reassemble the phone.

Sometimes you are able to do some minor repairs for your smart phone and get your phone back charging again but there are many times where we see customers who have tried to fix their cell phone charging ports on their own only to do more damage. With the amount you have paid for your phone and the reliance you have on your phone for your everyday use it is a good idea to come see us at our Ottawa cell phone repair shop and have a professional smart phone repair technician take a look at your phone to repair your charging port.

Another benefit is that our repairs will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty in almost all cases with fixing your charging port on your smart phone. So if you are having trouble charging your phone then give us a call or send us an email and we’ll provide you with a quotation on having your smart phone repaired right away.