If at some point you realize that your iPhone isn’t functioning as quickly as it used to, it may be slowing down because there isn’t as much memory available. You’ll need to free that memory up so that your phone can start functioning like it used to. There are several things you need to address in order to free up your iPhone space. Our focus will be on resetting your iPhone’s RAM (Random Access Memory).

  • You first need to unlock your iPhone. Remember, your phone’s RAM is necessary for processing data, but it may become cluttered with temporary files which tend to slow down your phone’s processing speed.
  • Now, press and hold your lock button down, until you see a shut-down menu appear.
  • Let go of the lock button. There should be an option at the top of the screen saying, “slide to power off”.
  • Press and hold the home button until your iPhone returns to the home screen. Doing that will cause your iPhone’s RAM to be reset and it will go back to functioning more quickly.
  • Finally, test out your iPhone’s speed by opening an app. You’ll be able to tell if it loads more quickly than it used to.

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