We know that your mobile phone means the world to some of you! It’s like a pocket-sized computer. You use it to send emails, read news, stay in touch with people, get entertainment, pay bills, shop and much more! The mobile phones of today have become such a necessity because of their usefulness and versatility that you don’t want to risk the chance of damaging them and having to pay a stinging price to get them repaired or to buy a brand new one. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a phone case.


Your phone will be protected from scrapes and scratches, to impact damage. Most people choose to get a cover that solely fits their aesthetic preferences, but that’s not all there should be to it. You should know the different types of materials that phone cases are made from and you should know which material is best for the different phones and the different environments and circumstances. Let’s get started.


  • First, we have LEATHER. It’s not real leather; it’s faux leather. It looks just as good as genuine leather. It is smooth and easy to keep clean. Phone cases and covers made from leather have extra padding to help keep the phone safe from impact damage. Real leather costs more, but lasts longer and doesn’t get ripped or scratched so easily.


  • Second, we have PLASTIC. Plastic cases are very popular for protecting the structure of the phone. They are great for people who always have their phones in an outdoor environment. For instance, it would be wise for construction workers to get plastic cases or covers for their phones.


  • Third, we have SILICONE. Silicone can be used to create gels, plastics or liquids. It’s a light, flexible, shock-absorbent material that is great for smart phones. Silicone is man-made and “silicone phones cases are often designed to expand to the exact contours of the phones they protect – in the same way naturally-found rubber would.”


  • Fourth, we have FABRIC. Cotton, polyester and wool are all materials that are used to make fabric mobile phone cases. As you can imagine, they offer the least amount of attention.



It’s time to get your phone a case, whether it’s a smart phone or a not-so-smart phone! You should check us out today to get them or any other phone accessories you need. Give us a call, as we are Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair shop, with a complete inventory of cell phone parts and accessories to get your wireless phone fixed ASAP. We’ll have your phone up and running in no time!

Phone case!