There is a scheduled release date for some of Google’s newest products. The date is September 29th, 2015. The Google press event will reveal the latest Nexus handset and some other devices. The company has already started inviting different media to the press event and they’re excited to see what the big surprises are. We’re just as excited and we hope you are too.


Just last month, there was a re-organized division in the company. The divisions were grouped under a “parent entity” called “Alphabet”. The company has been making some really unpredictable moves lately, but it has definitely given us a good hint for this upcoming one.


Rumor has it that Google has been collaborating with LG and Huawei (two phone manufacturing companies) – that’s all in an effort to ensure that their soon-to-be-revealed Nexus phone is a success. LG has worked with Google before, to create the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5 phones. For this project, it is suggested that they will be given the task of “building a standard size Nexus device). As for Huawei, this will be their first time working with the company. They are said to be tasked with making a Nexus phablet.


The new phone of course, seems to be connected to Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Google’s next version of the Android mobile operating system. The company also aims to be giving their debut of the new version of its Chromecast media steaming hardware on the same day it reveals its other new Nexus devices.


Also, the new version of Google’s Chromecast 2.0 should be released later this month as well. It features some more enhancements such as “Wi-Fi connectivity, faster playing, multiple room support, and a tweaked audio feedback.” The releases are coming soon, so keep your eyes, ears and wallets open wide.


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