Smartphones and their batteries don’t always agree or work well for long – it may be cause by some sort of factory fault or by things that happen while you have the phone in your possession. However, some of those swollen batteries in smart phones can actually be avoided if you do the following things:

  • Make sure to use the appropriate power charger for your smartphone. Never use cheap third-party chargers and chargers which aren’t rated for your device’s power, despite the fact that the plugs may fit.
  • Try not to leave your device plugged in all the time, because if you do, you aren’t allowing the battery to exercise its capacity. If you’re someone who usually has your smartphone at home, then you’re likely to fall into this trap, but you should try your best to avoid doing this.
  • Always keep your smart phone or its battery stored away in a place that is cool and dry. You can use it in the sun now and then, but make sure that you never keep your smartphone in a humid, hot environment.
  • Make sure to replace your exhausted or damaged smartphone battery. Remember, they tend to degrade after a while – you’ll be able to tell when that is, when you realize that your battery isn’t holding a charge or if it get really hot while it’s in your phone.

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