If you want to ensure that your Android smart phone works wonderfully for you, then you have to do a number of things to get it working the way it should. In our previous post, we discussed some of the tips that could help you to get the best use of your Android smart phone. This post is a continuation of these tips, so have a look at them below…

  • Learn to save your phones battery life. Make use of your phone’s power-saving mode, if there is one. If there isn’t, check on your phone’s power-saving mode option and opt for it to come on when your battery reaches a particular percentage.
  • Enable your phone’s developer options and select the appropriate actions to help speed up your phone’s functions. There are certain things you can activate or modify in order to help your phone function well for you.
  • Access your settings quickly by simply swiping down. You’ll get quick access to your settings, like your flashlight, your Wi-Fi, your Bluetooth, etc. It makes navigating your phone a bit quicker and easier.
  • Try out the Google Gesture Search app, because it’s another great way to help you navigate your phone, using several gestures. Most Android smart phones have this option, with variations depending on the different operating systems.
  • Use the swipe trick to get to your smart phone’s camera app quickly. Simply activate the shortcut on the device, which allows you to simple swipe to unlock and go straight to the camera.

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