This isn’t anything new in the mobile universe. Phones malfunction, crash and freeze up all the time. A phone that freezes up is one of the most common issues that smart phone users endure. Many smart phones act a lot like personal computers because their operating systems and programs are much like those of PC’s.


We’re going to show you how to stop your cell phone from freezing up on you again. You just have to follow these tips:


  • Get an update: Update your phone’s firmware if you can. These are often released, with things like brand new features, speed improvements and repaired bugs. This will help to keep your whole phone updates. The phones with this option at the moment are Sony Ericson, Nokia and Motorola brands.


  • Do some deleting: All those games, wallpapers, images, themes, videos, and applications that you don’t use, have got to go. These things take up a lot of memory on your phone or on your memory card and low storage space contributes to the freezing up of your phone.


  • Remove the battery: Take the battery pack out of the phone if it has frozen p or crashed and leave it out for half a minute. Replace the battery and turn the mobile device back on again.


  • Reset your phone: Check with your phone’s owner manual for instructions on how to reset the phone. Reset the device and that will cause it to reboot, but remember to back up all your stuff that’s saved on the phone before you do that, so that you won’t lose everything.



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