A virus is malicious software that can find itself on your electronic device and wreak havoc on it, causing it to act in ways that it shouldn’t. Sometimes we are mistaken and think that only computers are affected by viruses, but that is incorrect. Your very own smart phone may be at risk of getting a virus if you aren’t very careful.


Here are some “symptoms’ that you may be experiencing on your phone, which can signify that it has unfortunately contracted a virus:


  • Strange charges on your phone bill: These malicious programs can sometimes make premium rate phone calls or send premium rate text messages, costing you more money. Keep an eye on your bill and see if there are any charges that occur that you haven’t been the source of. Consult with your service provider too, just to be sure.


  • Invasive advertisements: Pop-up messages or push advertisements that you often see appearing on your phone can signify that you have adware on your phone. Adware isn’t necessarily a virus, but it may have malicious codes in it, which are dangerous for your phone.


  • Strange messages coming from your phone: When your friends tell you that they are getting weird messages coming from your phone number, this is probably spam. A malicious app may be using your phone to send out spam messages to your contacts.


  • New apps appearing on your phone: They may be updates to the apps that you already have on your phone, but many times, they are simply malicious apps that have been installed. Those apps may even be secretly downloading other malicious apps too.


  • Some applications are using huge amounts of data: Most malicious apps need to access the internet and therefore, use your data. Check out a breakdown of the apps that have accessed the internet and the amount of data they used.


  • Your battery life has been sucked dry: If your battery life is experiencing an abnormal rate of power consumption since you installed a new app, this may be a sign that the app you have may be malicious. Either that, or your app may be badly written or buggy.



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