Nooooo! Don’t update your HTC One M9! You’re going to have HORRIBLE battery trouble. That update is first degree murder to your battery.


It’s been reported that HTC One M9 (version 1.40.401.8) has a new update, but it’s causing many of the handsets to take FOREVER to charge. When we say forever, we mean it too. Some people have reported that their phone can take up to 13 whole hours to actually fully charge! You don’t want that to happen, do you?


What else? People have reportedly seeing a notification popping up on the HTC One M9 handset, saying “Charging – 13 hours until complete”, in Italian! Do you speak Italian?


Think we’re kidding? You can test it out and see. Ummm…we don’t recommend you do that, though.


It seems like there may be a light at the end of the HTC tunnel, though. M9 owners have been complaining, so HTC has taken to its UK Twitter Account with methods on how to fix the problem. In a reply to a tweet to one customer, HTC says “can you please uninstall the Google Photos App. This should be a temporary fix for the charging issue”.


After another M9 owner complained that the Google Photos App deletion and wiping the cache didn’t work, the company suggested that they restart the phone. It said to press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys for 15 to 30 seconds before putting the phone to charge.


We’re not sure how long a permanent fix for this glitch will take, but we’re waiting and hopeful to see!


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