The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S have been out long enough that people are starting to wonder what Apple will do next. Who knows what they will bring back and what new features they will add but what about you what would you like to see happen? Here are a few upgrades that make sense:

This may not apply to everyone as far as personal taste goes, but Apple are pretty big, for many people the iPhone 5S is the perfect size, big enough for apps but not so big you need a friend to help you carry it. Bigger screens can be counterproductive in cases where you intend to use it mainly for calls. An iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 with the same screen size as the 5S could be a winner.

Wireless charging technology already exists and works but it isn’t as popular or widely supported as we’d like. In other words it’s still yet to really take off. An iPhone 7 with wireless charging would be great, especially if the same charger worked for all other Apple devices going forward. If we can’t get wireless charging the least Apple give us wireless charging they can at least eliminate the weakness of the charger. We know that spontaneously self-harming cables should be covered by the warranty, but if the iPhone 7 Lightning cables could just be toughened up it can save us in the long run. If Apple won’t give us wireless charging, they can at least eliminate the weakness in the chargers.

When your software updates are too big for your entry level products, your entry level products clearly don’t come with enough storage. How about starting at 32GB for the iPhone 6S and 64GB for the iPhone 7 instead of the regular 16GB? We need more storage room. And for great photos they can keep the camera that came with the iPhone 6S.

What is in store for the iPhone 7?

Many people are wondering what is coming down the pipeline and what amazing features are next that will help set this phone apart with some innovative concepts. The smart phone maker needs to make a big splash with something pretty innovative while at the same time addressing the concerns that their current user base has regarding the existing phone offerings.