Who says size doesn’t matter? Not Apple!


None of us can deny that we would all LOVE to have the best picture quality when we have the best smart phone.


Apple hasn’t seemed to be too absorbed with the race for megapixels, but that doesn’t mean they’ve fallen asleep. Lately, we’ve hear that Apple plans to upgrade their newest model’s camera from 8MP to 12 MP. The iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus with both have higher megapixel counts; however they will have smaller pixel sizes. Hmmm!


Actually, in dark or low-lit areas, the bigger the pixels and the lower the density, the better the picture will be. The iPhone 6S does a good job with that, but the iPhone 6 does even better.


This isn’t really concrete evidence though. We’ve got to remember that a camera has much more to it than just mere megapixels, but we’re keeping our eyes open for the new updates.


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