Hey Android and Windows phone user, guess what? Hyperlapse is here! Thanks to Microsoft (not Instagram), both users now have Hyperlapse ready at the tip of their fingers.


It allows you to create awesome, smooth time-lapses, even in unsteady situations. It even has the same name as the Instagram app and pretty much do the same thing. Still, there are keen differences in the programs.


  • Microsoft’s version an algorithmic approach to great a steady time lapse instead of using accelerometer and gyroscope data from the phone. This actually allows Hyperlapse to work with just about any device.


  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse uses resolution reduction to stabilize it, while Microsoft’s Hyperlapse doesn’t, which unfortunately can make it very straining on the processor.


  • Instagram’s Hyperlapse can work on iPhone 4.


  • Microsoft’s Hyperlapse also has a Pro version available.



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