You know why you want a mobile phone. You know how much it helps you to do what you need to and you appreciate it a whole lot. So why is it that you know the benefits of it and the older folks don’t? There are a lot of good reasons you should encourage senior citizens to get a phone, to accept a phone that you’re giving them or to try to learn how to use it.


Believe it or not, it’s kind of important in this day and age for them to stay up-to-date with technology and we can show you why. Keep reading to see.


  • It can help them to stay active through social media: Social media is a great way to connect to friends and family and though older folks may not be used to it, it’s not a bad idea to introduce them to it at all. They will love and appreciate the fact that they can stay active and energetic, while still staying in touch with loved ones or even meeting new people.


  • It can help them navigate: There are apps which are helpful in allowing you to navigate. They can help older citizens to find things like stores, restaurants and more. In case they get lost, these apps are useful in helping them to find their way back on track or to keep them occupied if they’re on a long road trip.


  • It can help them stay connected to their grandchildren: The only way you can effectively speak to kids and teenagers, is in their language and their language is the language of technology. The seniors can use this as a way to connect with their grandkids on the same level.


  • It can help them in case of an emergency:  Mobile phones allow for older folks to fare better during an emergency. They can store their emergency information or telephone numbers in the phone, so that they or someone who is around them can contact the corresponding individuals in case of an emergency. Loved ones can easily reach their older relatives or friends when they haven’t heard from them in a while as well, just to check up on them and see if everything is okay. Don’t let your seniors take the chance of increasing in age and not having a mobile phone that they can use in case of an emergency.



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