People, who are always on the go, always need to be prepared. That’s why Apple designed devices like the NomadPlus and the NomadKey. It’s what every smartphone-owning traveler needs.


No one wants to have a dead battery right when they need it the least, especially not travelling business persons. That’s why the company saw a great opportunity to make an accessory that more than half a billion people will need to use. The NomadPlus is basically an iPhone AC adapter, accompanied by a battery pack. The sole purpose of the device is to be able to provide an on-the-go charging source to the iPhone, or to any other USB compatible device. However, it can only charge up to a certain speed (however fast the iPhone can charge, which is 5V at 1A), so other devices may not charge at their top speeds.


Inside its small, black plastic housing, is an 1800mAh battery cell. It can provide about 70% charge to an iPhone 6. When there is no more charge left in its system, you can just plug it into the nested AC adapter to replenish its charge.


We also have the NomadKey, which was once known as the ChargeKey. It “comes in either microUSB or Lightning versions, with a regular USB 2.0 clip on the other side.” It can offer “a full 2.5A for microUSB (its max) and 2.5A to Lightning (its max, too),” however, it, like all other Nomad devices at present, limits throughput to the USB spec’s 480 Mbps limit.


Despite all these shortcomings, both the NomadPlus and the NomadKey are great for travelers. They aren’t very expensive; they’re durable and they’re extremely convenient. They’re a great buy! You should check us out today to get them or any other phone accessories you need. Give us a call, as we are Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair shop, with a complete inventory of cell phone parts and accessories to get your wireless phone fixed ASAP. We’ll have your phone up and running in no time!