Most smartphones, especially iPhones and such similar phones are quite fragile. They usually can’t handle as much bashing as other, regular mobile phones. They are made of very sensitive, costly materials that are necessary for them functioning as they do. We’ll show you some of the most common problems that your iPhone 5 may experience as it relates to damages.


  • There may be water damage: This may be as a result of unintentionally dropping your phone into a body of water, like a toilet or the sink. That will definitely require that your phone gets professional repair or replacement. When the phone takes that deathly dive, the water enters the iPhone’s inner circuitry and leaves it nonfunctional.


  • Your iPhone 5 may experience impact damage: Now this is the kind of damage that occurs when your phone is dropped, stepped on, knocked over or something of that nature. The impact that your phone experiences may cause the fabricated glass screen to break or crack.


  • There may be a battery malfunction: There are various things that may happen with your iPhone 5 battery. Some batteries don’t hold a charge for very long when they are being used. Other don’t even charge properly. This may be a functionality problem, like a manufacturing defect in the battery, meaning it may need to be replaced.


  • Your iPhone 5 may experience nonworking buttons: Frequent use may cause your home button to get stuck or your side switch for volume control may get broken as well. You’ll need to bring your smartphone to a repair shop so it can be fixed up.


  • There may be a connectivity problem: This may include things like the inability to pick up any wireless Internet or apps that don’t download or install correctly. This may be as a result of firmware errors or other such issues.



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