To all the people who are currently struggling with their getting their SD cards to function, we think we can help. We can show you some of the possible reasons that your card may not be working and we may be able to give you a little advice on what you should do with it. Read below and see.


  • Dirty SD Card: Some chips may get a bit dirty or dusty, depending on how they were stored or if they were protected or not. Take a look at the metal area on the chip and see if it has any spots on it or if it is black. If it is, use cotton and some alcohol or water to gently wipe it. Let it dry and then plug it back into the phone.


  • Battery: For some SD cards, a stable power supply is necessary. If your phone isn’t supplying that because you may have replaced the battery and the state of standby is bad. Change the battery and try to get an original version if you can.


  • Squeezed Slot: By using a battery that is not an original, it may result in the SD card slot in the phone to squeeze, especially based on the ultrathin design of the phone. It’s better to use the original battery and then gently reshape the slot.


  • Rusty Or Bent Wires: If the wires inside of the slot may bend over because of constant removal and replacement if the card. Under a bright light, check to see if the wires are at the same position and if they aren’t, try bending them back into position.


  • Virus: Your SD card may have contracted a virus on the computer and that’s what may cause it not to read on the phone. Scan the card on the computer and format it using FAT form, not FAT32 form.


  • Improper Formatting: There are differences between phone and computer formatting, so you should redefine the file form and format the card again as the introduction. Ensure that “the form of card is FAT, because FAT32 won’t be read in E680.”


  • Broken SD Card: You can tell if it’s broken or not very easily. Just plug in the card with card reader and if it’s able to be read, then it isn’t broken.


  • Broken Phone: Sometimes, it’s actually not a problem with the SD card; it may be a problem with the phone. You should get it checked out immediately. You can come to us to get it checked out.



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