We all know that updates for our smart phones are important but sometimes the updates can cause more grief and problems than the ones they are meant to solve. Yesterday Apple released an update for their mobile operating system, iOS 8.0.1. This update is the first one that Apple has released for this version of their iOS operating system ever since they released version 8 to the public last week.

The update was supposed to fix a few issues and bugs as well as improve some of the other features found in the operating system such as the Reachability and Ask To Buy features. Those who upgraded have likely realized that the update actually broke several of the phone’s major functions such as cell service and Touch ID.

Consequently Apple has taken down the iOS 8.0.1 update and has promised to deliver the improved update, iOS 8.0.2 shortly. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened yet so Apple has provided some guidance on how users can roll back their phones to the iOS 8 from the iOS 8.0.1 update that disabled key services and features.

Roll Back Your Apple Device Using These Steps

Here is the published advice that Apple has provided for their smart phone update rollback:

  1. Conncet to iTunes
  2. Back up your iPhone
  3. Download the relevant file from this page
  4. Select that file by pressing either ‘Option’ and then ‘Check for Update’ (Mac) or ‘Shift’ and ‘Check for Update’
  5. Click update and your phone will do the rest

If you are having trouble rolling back your Apple device to the iOS 8 from the faulty update iOS 8.0.1 then bring in your phone and we can help you roll back your device for you. If you also suffer from having a broken screen on your Apple smart phone then it will be a good time to visit our cell phone repair centre in Ottawa where we service and repair all makes and models of smart phones as well as carry a complete line of the cellular parts and accessories you will need to keep talking, texting, and browsing!

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