According to Recent Stats, 33% Of Phones Have Broken Or Cracked Screens

We all know someone who has dropped their phone and broken the glass and we’ve all seen people struggle to read their phone because of a big crack or shattered spot. This may not be the case for some phone types but is definitely more common place now with smart phones and larger glass screens. While smart phone manufacturers have made great strides towards “crack-resistant” screens, there is still much work to do in this arena to prevent phone screens from breaking and shattering when dropped. For example, the iPhone 6 comes with ion-strengthened Gorilla Glass, which is to say that it is scratch-resistant and less prone to shatter if you accidentally drop your iPhone 6 than regular glass; however we still see hundreds of iPhone 6 phones come in for cracked screen repairs every week.

A Screen Protector Can Help Save Your Phone’s Screen

All screen protectors are not created equally, and there are many different brands out there with pros and cons to each of them. Most of them are usually made out of a thin and flexible plastic sheet that sticks onto your device’s screen using a mild adhesive or just static electricity to keep it in place. In many cases the end user won’t even notice with very little responsiveness lost in the touch features and the overall appearance is pretty seamless and integrated right into your device. If you are concerned about your phone and having a secure protection for your screen then we highly recommend investing in a higher quality screen protector that may cost a little bit more upfront but will be much higher grade and offer a completely different level of protection for your smart phone’s glass screen.

More expensive screen protectors are made out of tempered glass, which are essentially just really thin sheets of glass that you stick on top of your smart phone’s display. This makes it so that you’ll still get that natural glass feel to the device but it does add a bit of thickness because the glass screen protectors are a bit thicker than regular plastic ones that some of the less expensive screen protectors are made out of.

Screen Protectors Are Affordable

When you factor in the cost of replacing an entire screen (which usually requires other components to be replaced as well), a screen protector for your phone is a great investment and can preserve the resale value of your device while reducing the maintenance and repair costs for your cell phone. Not to mention the headache of having to use your phone for a period of time with a broken screen.

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