Usually coffee and cell phones shouldn’t mix and definitely not in the way we normally see with liquid damage to smart phones that creates a plethora of problems usually rendering the smart phone unable to operate. Aside from these accidents and spills, there is another way that smart phones and coffee are connected that can actually help simplify your life in some cases and make ordering your morning java more efficient.

There is an app ordering system in place that Starbucks is currently testing in the United States before doing a mass rollout across all of their locations.

Just this week, the coffee mogul has rolled out a new mobile feature called ‘Mobile Order & Pay’ that is currently availabe in all of their Portland branches. The company has plans of expanding to other cities in 2015, however a Canadian plan has not been solidified as of yet although if all goes well you will likely see the app rolling out across the Northern landscape very quickly.

This is the latest in merging the mobile digital world with physical retails stores and shops creating a seamless ordering system for tech and coffee lovers everywhere.