Ughhh! Isn’t it annoying when you’re doing something really important on your phone and then it just decides “nope, I don’t wanna do that anymore!” A phone that’s always freezing up is really frustrating and worse yet, it sucks your battery too.


You can’t take it off, because no matter what you try to press, your stubborn phone refuses to follow instructions. We know it can be a pain, but don’t give up on your phone just yet.  Try doing a soft reset.


It’s pretty much the same as restarting your computer. If you want to make sure you’ll recover your phone’s information, we advise that you use this method. It varies, depending on the phone, however.


With the iPhone:

  • Simultaneously press and hold the sleep/wake button and the home button
  • Hold them for about 10 seconds until your screen goes black
  • Wait for the white Apple logo to reappear (this means the phone is rebooting)


With the Android:

  • Press and hold the power button
  • Wait until you see a message that offers you the options to “power down” or “restart”
  • (Every time you turn off and on an Android phone, it automatically does a soft reset)


With the Blackberry:

  • Simultaneously press and hold ALT-CAP-DEL keys
  • Wait 2 – 3 seconds until your screen goes black
  • The blackberry logo will appear and the phone will reboot

… OR …

  • Turn your phone off
  • Remove the battery for about ½ a minute
  • Put the battery back in and it will reboot


With the Windows Phone:

  • Turn phone off
  • Remove battery for about 30 seconds
  • The phone will reboot



If you’ve tried all these soft resetting strategies and your phone is till giving you a hard time, then it’s probably time to borrow a friend’s phone and give us a call. Right here in Ottawa, you can get your cell phone fixed ASAP. You can hook up your wireless. Get back to talking, texting, using the net, exploring these revolutionary new breakthroughs in web browsing technology. Give us a call – we’re Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair shop.