Meetings are an important part of business and communicating to complete projects in an efficient manner. There are of course good ways and bad ways of handling meetings for your company or organization. For many businesses, meeting in person can dramatically increase the costs associated with completing a sale. These companies usually opt for remote meetings either online or via Skype or some other variation of remote meeting platforms.

Good News For Handling Remote Meetings For Your Business

If you frequently have remote meetings to take care of your business and manage your projects or team, there is something very exciting that you can now take advantage of to increase your efficiency and get more done – from a distance. The exciting news comes from the Canadian Goliath BlackBerry, which announced their new cross-platform conference call tool, BBM Meetings. At a price tag of only $13.75 per month you can’t go wrong as the return on investment will far outweigh the monthly cost and keep your business running optimally so you can focus on running your business and doing what you and your team does best – getting things done!

You can find out more about BBM Meetings at the dedicated website:

According to BlackBerry, BBM Meetings is not just another collaboration app; rather BBM Meetings combines a mobile optimized user experience that allows on-the-go professionals to schedule, host and participate in meetings easily, with enhanced features that are simply not found in other leading collaboration solutions.

BBM Meetings comes highly recommended from Wireless Revolution (we’ve already signed up for a 30 day trial – thank you BlackBerry)


Discover BBM Meetings in the Video Below