For a cellphone case to be considered to as “waterproof”, it has to protect every inch of the phone if submerged in water for at least half an hour. It’s more than likely that more cellphones will be designed to be waterproof in the future so there won’t be a need for the waterproof case. The internal components of a cellphone can corrode quite easily if water gets in so it’s important to protect it. If your phone gets wet for some reason and water gets in bring it in to us here ate Wireless Revolution so we can have it checked out for you. You may be familiar with the home remedy of placing the phone in rice but this only removes water from the surface and not what gets into the hard to reach places.

Top 3 Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

OtterBox Armor

This case is a tough/rugged case that is also dust and shock proof. They can be submerged in water up 6.6 ft. for as long as thirty minutes and are generally for versions of Samsung and Apple brand phones.

FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case

This case fits all large phones up to 5.3”, it even holds some MP3 players and digital cameras. On both sides of the case there is a clear window to allow you to still take videos and pictures. The great thing about this case is that it floats so chances are you won’t easily lose your phone if it falls in water and its IPX8 certified to 100 ft.


Another tough/rugged case that is also snow, shock and dirt proof. They can be submerged in water for as long as an hour in a maximum depth of 6.6 feet. Available for various Samsung and Apple smartphones.