There are a number of different options available as it relates to the accessories that there are for cell phones. There is an accessory that you can’t fail to have – it’s your cell phone charger. There are indeed a number of different phone charges available for you to use to get your battery power up and to keep your phone fully functional.


In this blog, we’re going to give you some descriptions of the various phone chargers available to cater to your cell phone needs.


  • There are car chargers which let you charge your cell phone battery, while you’re driving. All you usually have to do is plug the charger into the accessory outlet or in the cigarette lighter outlet. It’s great for if you’re doing a lot of travelling with your car. Furthermore, there are fast car chargers, rapid car charger and trickle car chargers.


  • There are desktop chargers which come with a base unit, which holds the cellphone and a USB cable which connects to the laptop or computer. These chargers can be used for various other electronic devices that you use as well, like digital music players, tablets and more. However, you cannot use your phone while the charger is connected.


  • There are USB chargers that let you charge your cell phone through a USB cord and all you have to do is connect that cord to the USB port of a laptop or a PC.


  • There are green chargers which work with renewable energy to get your phone charged. They include bike chargers, crank chargers and even solar-powered chargers too.


  • There are emergency chargers which are usually used when people need to make emergency calls. These chargers operated by the use of AAA batteries. They don’t give your battery the optimum amount of charge necessary, but they do provide just enough battery charge to allow you to get several minutes use on your phone.



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