One of the most visible and frustrating mobile phone faults that you may experience are battery or charging faults. They are also some of the easiest problems to repair. You can identify if your phone has battery or charging faults when you see symptoms like these:

  • A battery that doesn’t charge.
  • A back plate which doesn’t fit because the battery has swollen.
  • A battery that doesn’t retain charge for very long.


If you see any of the symptoms we’ve shown you above, you should know that it’s very likely that your battery has reached the end of its like. It may also mean that there are a number of issues which are not in working condition.


We’re going to show you some of the things that you should know about the signs and symptoms your phone, battery or charger may display. Read them below:

  • If you don’t see a light flashing or permanently present, when you insert the charger, then you probably need a new charger.
  • If your battery seems bloated when you remove it, then you need a new battery. A bloated battery could mean that your battery is being over-charged, especially if it is being charged overnight.
  • If your phone switches off on its own, then you might need to replace your battery. However, you should ensure that your phone and battery’s contacts are clean and undamaged, just to be sure.


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