We want to show you a continuation of things you should focus on when you realize that your phone isn’t turning on. There may be a number of different things that you can do when you see that your phone just isn’t coming on. We’re going to show you what those things are.


One more reason is that your phone gradually get buggy and die. That could mean that you started experiencing your phone crashing, restarting, and doing other strange things. It may be that you’re having a software issue which can be safely repaired by replacing the firmware. Another option is to use a factory reset in an effort to resolve any other problems.


Yet another reason is if you have a bloated or leaking battery, because that may just cause your phone to give u immediately. The best idea is to get yourself a new phone battery and safely dispose of the old one.


A broken cable or charger is another reason that your phone isn’t turning on. Its battery may be dead and it isn’t getting any power through the cable or the charger, to restart the phone.


One more reason is a bootloop, which is characterized by a phone which will actually turn on, reach to the boot screen and then reboot again or get stuck on the logo screen. You should try wiping the cache partition or doing a data wipe/factory reset to resolve the problem.


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