If you’ve got a smart phone, you need a screen protector. So many times we forget about protecting our phones and we just use them non-stop. We definitely don’t think about the advantages of getting a screen protector. Don’t worry – we’re here to show you what you’re missing.


Did you know that at first, the U.S. Military used the technologies in these protectors to protect their helicopter blades and electronic displays from damage caused by abrasive airborne particles found in harsh environment? Pretty darn cool, we’d say. If the military has faith in their technology, can you imagine what good the protectors can do for your phone? We’ll show you.


  • Privacy: The privacy screen protectors can offer you privacy from all those little wondering eyes sitting or standing next to you on the bus stop. Once the screen is on, the information is clearly visible to the person directly in front of it, but for people at a tilted angle the information on the screen becomes masked.


  • Aesthetics: For all you self-conscious beauties out there, guess what’s the perfect mirror? Yes – your screen protector. When it’s on and your phone’s screen light is off, take a look at it and you’ll see the convenient mirror-like finish that you can do a quick makeup check or a hair-fix in.


  • Less Glare: They reduce your LCD screen’s glare by using a matte finishing coat and diffusion means, so that images aren’t reflected consistently. You’ll have less eye tension and you’ll be able to look at your phone screen much more comfortably.


  • No Sticking Fingers: The ultra-clear screen protectors have a very inconspicuous appearance on your phone screen. It’s very thin and has a shiny, smooth finish, so that you can move your fingers easily along them and they won’t stick.


  • Preventing UV Damage: Anti-reflective screen protectors help to reduce light reflection as light passes through the phone, by bending the light. It also filters out UVB rays and reflected glare and it eliminates the sun’s glare from reflecting into the user’s eyes.


  • Fingerprint Resistant: Their lipophobic coating repels skin oils and minimizes the risk of the attachment and appearance of fingerprints and smudges on the screen. This way, you won’t have to clean your screen with harsh cleaning agents.


  • Dirt Repellant: Skin oil, sweat, fingerprints and grime usually begin to buildup on or stain the screen after heavy use. Dirt-repellent luster screen protectors can prevent all of this contamination from staining your screen.


  • Antibacterial: These types of screen protectors have unique coatings that prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria on the screen. Antibacterial screen protectors stop stains, odors and various other cell phone problems.


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