An excessively hot smart phone is never a good thing. There are a lot of things that could be causing your phone to boil to that high temperature. The best thing you can do to an overheating phone is to try your best to lower the temperature immediately and learn about ways that you can prevent it from overheating again. We want to show you some effective tips which can help you to cool down your smart phone…

  • Keep your smart phone away from very hot places, like inside a parked car, in direct sunlight, in a very congested bag, etc.
  • Try not to use your phone so much if you want to keep it from overheating. If your phone is doing too much processing, along with the heat it gets while sitting in your palm, it can get really hot. It needs a little time to cool down.
  • Restart your smart phone to effectively allow it to resolve whatever electronic problems your phone may be experiencing.
  • Never keep your electronics stashed closely together, particularly if they’re in an area with little to no ventilation. Heat transfer is a rather common problem that could lead to your phone overheating.
  • Remove your phone’s cover, because this may trap heat and make it very hard to stop your phone from being able to cool down.
  • Don’t keep any unnecessary apps on your phone or else it will begin over-processing and thereby, overheating. Clean your phone up from these apps so that your phone won’t have to work as hard to keep them working.
  • Finally, try not to play battery-consuming games or apps which will cause your processor to have to work extra, producing a lot of heat.

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