If you’re a Blackberry fan, we’ve got a treat for you. We want to show you some of the great accessories we have for your smart phone. If you’re excited about your Blackberry and all that it has done for you, then why not show it a little appreciation? You won’t regret it.


We want to show you a list of some of the nice Blackberry accessories that are available for your phone. Check them out.

  • LK Blackberry Leap Screen Protector: This is only made for the Blackberry Leap and it has been made from transparent HD film. It still enables you to have a great resolution.


  • Genuine BlackBerry Leather Swivel Holster for BlackBerry Leap: It offers you comfort and durability, along with a beautiful design and belt that has been built for a clip cover, keeping the phone safe.



  • Genuine BlackBerry Leather Pocket Cover Case for BlackBerry Leap: This genuine leather case is a quality accessory with a scratch-preventing interior material and design.


  • Mr Shield For BlackBerry Leap Anti-Glare Screen Protector: This screen protector is great for keeping your screen scratch-free and eliminating fingerprints from your screen.


  • HJ POWER BlackBerry Leap Leather PU WALLET POUCH Cover: The Blackberry Leap leather case is great for phone owners who like the wallet-style look for their case. The quality of the case is also made of great quality and is durable too.



Get a hold of these great accessories and more for your Blackberry phone! Give us a call, as we are Ottawa’s preferred cell phone repair shop, with a complete inventory of cell phone parts and accessories to get your wireless phone fixed ASAP. We’ll have you back talking, texting, and using your phone in no time!