*Sploosh*…Oh noooo! Your 4-month-old cell phone just took a nosedive into the toilet! That’s some horrible luck. You fished it out, but it definitely doesn’t look like it’s ever going to come back on…ever. It probably won’t if you don’t follow this guide.

First things first – you need to act quickly and get the water out of it (and disinfect it by wiping it with a little alcohol). Only then will you have a better chance of bringing the phone back to life, otherwise, all is lost. The best way to get water out of a phone is to…

First, remove the battery – don’t ever try to power on the phone immediately after you’ve taken it out of the water.  If you try to turn it on immediately you may short out the circuits. You may want to remove the SIM card too (but don’t worry too much about losing information on the SIM – it usually retains your stuff).
Second, try to remove most of the water – blow it out or suck it out (remember never to use a hair dryer because it may heat fry your phone’s insides). Try using a can of compressed air instead or even a vacuum cleaner. You need to try to push or pull the air through the same channels it entered.


Third, submerge your phone in uncooked rice – oh, and throw the disconnected battery in there too. Leave them in the rice overnight. Another option that’s available (if you’re not too fond of the rice dust) is packets of silica gel, which usually come in the pockets of new clothes.


** If your phone got soaked with salt water, you’ll actually need to flush it out with fresh water before it dries, because evaporated salt water can leave damaging crystals in your phone’s components. **


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