We’re quite disappointed to learn, from the Black Hat Security Conference, that the Android’s fingerprint framework isn’t completely secure against hackers. The framework uses biometrics to unlock the devices, but it has been revealed that a hacker could not only compromise the security of the device, but they could also access payment services such as Android Pay, by evading fingerprint authentication.


Hackers can even steal your fingerprint data! Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang, security researchers at the annual Black Hat Security Conference, showed how the hackers could even steal your fingerprint data. The HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy S5 seem to be susceptible to this flaw.


On the other hand, Apple users have much more secure ID biometric technology in their iPad and iPhone. The details on your Apple device are encrypted with a key that guards your information, blocking the hackers out, even if they are able to enter.


Don’t fear, Android users, there’s good news that this glitch will be simple and easy to fix. Manufacturers report that they are aware of the problem and all they have to do is add encryption to the fingerprint data on the Android devices, so the information will be safe from the hackers.


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