3 Things To Do After Breaking A Smartphone Screen

We’ve seen thousands of broken screens and screen protectors in the last few years as more and more phones are made with glass and delicate components. It happens to all of us so not to worry if this is your first broken screen. With our experience seeing soo many broken screens and repairing broken screens for customers, we have some tips on how you can prevent further damage to your smartphone from a broken screen. After all, fixing a broken screen can already be a hassle and sometimes a costly one so you won’t want to make matters worse.

The following tips will help you know what to do if you have a broken smart phone screen.

Tip #1: Don’t remove anything or take anything off

If you have a screen protector on then it is best to leave it on – even if it is cracked as well. If you try to pull off the screen protector then you will likely pull off parts of the glass underneath which will make the damage worse and can even damage elements and components of your smart phone that were not damaged before such as the digitizer. The best thing to do is leave it as-is and seek out our smart phone repair shop in Ottawa. Our professional smart phone repair techs have experience with how to properly take your smartphone apart so that there is no further damage to your device. This is the case for the majority of screen protectors with adhesive. If you have a case with a removable screen protector (ie. Otterbox Defender) then you can usually remove the screen protector on your own to inspect the damage underneath. In both cases, it is highly recommended to see a wireless repair shop though to properly repair your smart phone.

Tip #2: Keep your fingers safe from broken glass that can cut you

If you plan to use the smart phone for a period of time before a repair (hopefully to call our wireless repair shop to fix your phone) then it is recommended to put some clear packing tape over the glass. A strip across the screen can help to keep the glass in place so that it doesn’t fall off and also will protect your fingers from getting cut when using the touchscreen.

Tip #3: Try to prevent further damage

Once your screen is cracked it is broken and needs repair. This is true, although you can still use your smartphone in many cases if the damage is minor. If you didn’t have a screen protector before and the damage is minor (meaning just a small crack in your screen etc.) then you can likely add a screen protector overtop to keep everything in place and make the phone “usable” until you get the broken screen repaired at our shop.

If your screen is severely cracked then adding a screen protector won’t do much for you in the way of hiding the damage but it may get you a few more weeks of use compared to the clear packing tape mentioned in Tip #2. In any event, the most ideal solution is to get the cracked screen repaired as soon as possible.

In conclusion, a cracked smartphone screen sucks. You spent a lot of money on your device and while it may be tempting to throw in the towel and replace the phone, that is usually not necessary and will just cost you more than you need to spend. If you were already planning an upgrade of your phone then that makes sense but if this wasn’t on your list of things to do already than repairing  your cracked screen on your phone is the smartest and most economical option. Smart phone repairs are usually much more affordable than  you would expect. Even though cracked screen repairs range in price depending on the extent of the damage, it is far more affordable in the long run compared to upgrading the phone.

The best thing to do is bring your phone into our mobile repair shop and we’ll take a look and review some options with you for repair or replacement options so that you can make the choice that best suits your needs and situation. Regardless of the damage to your smart phone, we can usually fix it and do it without breaking the bank. Come see us at out fully renovated wireless repair shop in Ottawa and one of our friendly smart phone repair techs will take a look at your device to provide recommendations and a quote on the smart phone cracked screen repair costs.