5G is Coming and It’s Going to Change Your Life

Many carriers and networks have started testing 5G hotspots and rolling out 5G connections around the world in preparation for the global rollout of 5G networks. There have been several conferences recently that left everyone talking about the incredible innovations, capabilities and of course the super fast download speeds that will be hitting the airwaves in the near future.

This year we can expect to see 5 new phones equipped for 5G hitting the store shelves in 2019. While this is exciting, what really does it mean aside from the blazing fast download speeds. Well one of the biggest innovations is going to be broadband without cables. For most urban areas, high speed internet is common place however in rural areas without fiber optic cables underground the internet speeds and options are very limited and in many cases non-existent.

Wireless broadband means that areas where fast internet and even internet access at all were non-existent will now have high speed internet access. This can revolutionize things like online shopping, social networking and communications in a big way. This will also create a much more fierce and competitive landscape in the internet network provider arena.

Phone designs will also transition from metal backings to plastic to accommodate the 5G networks. According to Dr. Walze,┬áTechnical Marketing Director at Covestro, who is researching exactly what kinds of plastics and materials allows 5G signals through unaffected, “Metal housings on phones work for 4G because the antennas do not take up much space, and they are on the edges. With 5G you have to have several antennas that are too large for the edge, so have to go through the back, and that makes a full-metal back very difficult.”

In addition to these great innovations, we can expect to see mini-cloud stations throughout cities allowing instant data transfer and storage where needed as well as devices such as the OrCam MyMe, a wearable camera and ‘second brain’ that has an AI capable of recognizing faces and text. Imagine walking up to shake someone’s hand and having a device recognize their face and tell you their name and other important info seconds before the exchange. Now you’ll never forget a face again because you’ll have a helpful reminder prompt!

Many of the 5G changes are still in development and not very well understood at this time. One thing we are certain of is that the coming technology in the wireless and cellular sectors will be incredible. Get ready for some very interesting times in the mobile device and wireless phone industries.