Bulk Discounts

Have a lot to get done on a budget? Get great service for your biggest jobs, while saving money in the process.

Staff & Student Discounts

Whether you’re working towards a paycheck or a diploma, we’ve got your back. Let us do the hard work for you.

Free Diagnostic & Estimates

Finding out what the problem is, or how much it costs to fix should never cost you, and with us it won’t.

No Monthly Fee

Working with you is our pleasure, and we certainly won’t charge for it. We don’t charge monthly fees. Period.

Quick Quality Care

Same day repairs shouldn’t be shoddy. We believe in our work, and offer a 90 day warranty on all repairs.

Business & Corporate

Find out how we can customise a repair program for your business or enterprise.  We offer free loaner phones, express turnaround times and corporate pricing to suit your needs.

There is no company too big and no school too small.

At Wireless Revolution, we work with many organizations, community groups and of course businesses and corporations of all sizes. We have a dedicated repair team and systematic process in place to handle volume repairs, ensuring that your entire organization or company’s devices are handled with care and precision while having all work completed expediently to avoid disruptions in day to day operations.

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