Cell phone unlocking is a process which removes a SIM lock, Network lock or subsidy lock from GSM cell phones.  These locks are built into the phones by the manufacturers or the cell phone providers.  Removing this lock from your device will make one or more of the following possible:

  • Phone to work in various countries worldwide
  • Phone to work on various GSM networks worldwide (Rogers, Fido, T-Mobile…)
  • Phone to accept any type of SIM card

We can unlock mobile phones and palm devices including:

  • Unlock Blackberry Phones
  • Unlock Iphones
  • Unlock Nokia Phones
  • Unlock Motorola Phones
  • Unlock Sony Ericsson Phones
  • Unlock Samsung Phones
  • Unlock LG Phones
  • Unlock HTC Phones
  • Unlock Palm Devices

Processing times and prices for cell phone unlocking vary by make and model of your phone and by your carrier.


This can benefit you in various ways such as making your phone run faster and allowing access to features that your service provider may have locked. Such features include being able to set mp3’s as ringtones and sending files through Bluetooth.

Drop in anytime and we will unlock your phone on the spot!

We Also Offer Remote Phone Unlocking

Can’t make it in to our cell phone shop at 1800 Bank Street? No problem – we offer remote unlocking for many phones and devices also.

Click HERE to find out how you can unlock your phone remotely without having to come in!