COVID-19 Release

We are here, with you, our community to work through this crisis. WirelessRev wants to help support the community and all those in need.

Being a Telecommunications service provider, we have the option to stay open as an essential service. We have decided to stay open to support our community but have done so while taking many precautions. We have implemented numerous procedures to keep you, our community and our staff safe and healthy.

We have limited the number of clients that can be in our storefront to 5 people at once, organized in gridlocks. We are cleaning and disinfecting counters, doors, door handles and devices. We are also providing Purell / Hand sanitizer to all clients walking in, in order to keep both you, and us as safe as possible.

If you need our services, but are unable to make it in, we are happy to provide a pickup service. We will happily send a courier to pickup your device and bring it to us for serving. Once the repair completed, we will send the device back once again via courier.

Please give us a call, we’re here to help! Think of us as your neighbor. If we can help, we absolutely will.