Father’s Day Gift Buying Guide for the Ultimate Samsung Smartphone Experience

If you are looking for the perfect gift this Father’s day and the father in mind is an avid Samsung user with a need for some more advanced use of the phone for business or presentations. This device is built for the new Samsung S9 which we have in stock ready for purchase today as well!

Introducing the Dex Pad for Samsung Devices (S9, S9+ etc.)

The Samsung Dex Pad is the perfect gift for the business dad in your life. The Dex Pad allows Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ users to plug in their phones and transform them into a desktop experience.

With the Samsung Dex Pad your dad will be able to plug in his Samsung device into the USB-C port on the Dex Pad and instantly create a desktop experience that allows you to do presentations and host more effective meetings while on the go. The Dex Pad features 2x USB ports as well as 1x USB-C charging port and an HDMI port so that you can connect your phone to a big screen. While your phone is in the Dex Pad, your smartphone phone acts as a touchpad and even if your father prefers the traditional mouse and keyboard then he can connect to those as well. The Dex Pad even allows for a virtual Windows desktop in addition to running all of the Android apps of course.

Overall the Dex Pad makes a great Father’s Day gift so if you are looking for that special gift for a father in your life then we highly recommend this cool piece of tech that your father will fall in love with and if your father needs a new phone then this would be a great time to make it a combo and pickup the new Samsung S9 or S9+ as well for the ultimate Father’s Day gift. Come visit our wireless shop for the new Samsung S9 and all other cell phone accessories and smartphone peripherals you need.

The Dex Pad is available now and can be ordered at our local wireless phone store in Ottawa – pickup a Dex Pad today for the ultimate Father’s Day gift.