Huawei P30 series is now available in Canada!

Huawei’s newest photography-focused smartphones the P30, the P30 Pro and the P30 Lite are now available in Canada. In fact, with the launch of the P30 series Samsung has reduced their prices on the S10 phones. The big feature everyone is talking about with the P30 lineup is the periscope zoom system which enables up to 50x digital zoom in conjunction with the 5x optical and 10x hybrid zoom modes which are also available.

While this may not sound like much, see the image below for a visual of just how incredible this truly is!

Additionally the new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer’s features nighttime photographic capabilities never before seen in a smartphone. See the photos below for some night shots from this new feature-rich device:

If you are using the phone without a tripod then you will need a very steady hand if you plan on using the 50x zoom but the capabilities with the photography features are incredible. Since we use our phones for documenting our lives with tons of photos, the camera functions and features on the P30 series will be sure to satisfy even the toughest demands of selfie-takers, group shots, videographers, YouTubers and more.

When you are shopping for a new smartphone there are a few things you should consider in order to get the perfect smartphone for your needs including:

  1. Low Light Capabilities
  2. Storage Space
  3. Power and Battery Life
  4. Water & Scratch Resistance
  5. Connectivity (USB-C, 5G etc.)

Fortunately the P30 series is a serious contender that will be the perfect new piece of tech for yourself or as a gift for someone else. If you are looking for a new smartphone then our wireless phone shop on Bank Street is the perfect place to shop. We have a wide range of cell phone accessories, smartphones and even plans. Plus we do all of our smart phone repairs in house at our Ottawa smartphone repair shop. Come on in and see our stunning showroom.