Is the iPhone 11 worth it?

The new iPhone 11 is cheaper than you may have been expecting for an iPhone however the design is similar to last year’s model and not as sleek as the Pro. On the plus side, there is a strong, vibrant screen with an upgraded camera and the device is available in new colours!

The iPhone 11 is about to be released and make it into the hands of some iPhone fans and the new device has one big feature that matters most to iPhone users and that is a cheaper price. While new features are important, having a killer price is definitely something that will sway purchasing decisions more than any other element.

While the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max outshine the new iPhone in terms of headline specs and features, the new iPhone has a lower price than the iPhone XR and yet improves the specs and features in a few important areas.

The new iPhone is faster inside and comes equipped with a much, much improved camera as well as iOS 13 as standard. The amazing thing is that the iPhone 11 is able to offer all of this at a price that allows users to get a new iPhone for less than most top-end phones out there. Even though there are many improvements, the new iPhone 11 is far from the most advanced iPhone out there so it seems like Apple may have still missed something by attempting to offer a more affordable and competitively priced solution with a feature rich device.

The iPhone 11 release date is set for September 20, which is good news for anyone looking to get hold of Apple’s affordable new iPhone, as the XR hit stores later than the XS in 2018. If you’re ready to make a commitment to the new iPhone 11, pre-orders open on September 13.

Meet the new iPhone 11 in 11 Minutes