Protect Your Phone with an Invisible Protective Coating

If you have owned a smart phone then there is a good chance you have suffered like the rest of us from a broken screen or shattered glass from dropping your phone. We all love the fancy, sleek look of the modern smart phones but it comes at a price. The typical smartphone is very fragile and cannot withstand a fall from any significant distance, especially if it lands the wrong way on a hard surface like concrete.

Fortunately there are several smart phone accessories such as durable cases and screen protectors however this can often not be enough or look very unappealing that you would prefer to keep the phone without a case. While cases do help for most falls to prevent damage to your smartphone, there must be a better option out there. Well the good news is that there will be soon as there is a new product being developed and funded on a kickstarter to help protect your smart phone with an invisible film. Unlike current cases or screen protectors which only protect portions of your delicate smart phone, this invisible protective shield covers your entire smart phone.

Introducing ThePhoneCoat protective phone covering system which is currently on kickstarter platforms for around $30 per skin. According to the team developing the product, the skin is only 0.2 mm thick and can heal itself with the help of nanotechnology that is self-healing. You can even speed up the healing process by applying heat to the affected area to speed up the nano tech’s work. The anticipated release date for ThePhoneCoat is this coming July so starting the summer of 2018 you could likely get your hands on this product to keep your smart phone safe from harmful drops that would previously shatter your screen into a million pieces.

This is a perfect product for people who want to keep the aesthetic look of their smart phones while providing superior protection to the device. It is not likely that this will completely revolutionize the market place for smart phone protection as the protection offered will be great but not near the same level of protection offered from superior cases such as GorillaGlass and OtterBox cases. In the near future we will likely carry some of ThePhoneCoat protective skins to offer to our customers at our smart phone repair store in Ottawa alongside our other smartphone accessories such as the phone cases we carry now.

If you want to see a preview of what it looks like take a look at this graphic showing the application of ThePhoneCoat.