Smartphone & Tablet Accessories At Your Fingertips – Literally!

We carry all of the latest accessories for your cell phone from cases and charges to protective glass and memory cards. We have a fully stocked inventory of cell phone accessories to ensure that your device remains protected at all times.

Smartphone Cases

Having a good case to protect your device is as much of an educated investment as the device itself.  Each and every one of us uses our smartphone differently and because of that, we all expose our phones to different types of wear and tear.  Just because we don’t work in construction, doesn’t meant that we don’t need a protective case.  Most people realize how important a good protective case is after they’ve dropped their phones and broken their screens.  Trust us, we see it every day!  We’re not suggesting that everyone needs to buy the biggest most rugged case on the market, but you should seriously consider a good protective case for your smartphone.

We carry a wide variety of protective cases and the most popular brand names available in the industry.  Drop in at your convenience and let us help you find the case that suits your wants and needs!

Smartphone Screen Protectors

Your smartphone screen is the one part of your device that you need the most.  Why not ensure that it is always protected?  We carry various types of screen protectors in stock for your device.  Our most popular type being the Tempered Glass Screen Protector.  These screen protectors are designed not only to withstand scratches, but also to withstand impacts from being dropped!  We’ll even install your screen protector for you free of charge!

Smartphone Charges and Wireless Charging

The worst feeling is knowing you have to use your smartphone and watching your battery percentage drop right in front of your eyes!  That’s why we carry a large range of charging cables & units to ensure you can stay connected everywhere you go! Many people will tell you that if the charger fits, use it.  That is incorrect!  Just because a charging connector fits into your phone and charges it once, does not mean that it is meant for it!  Every smartphone manufacturer has a recommended voltage and amperage that is ideal to charge your phone.  These numbers dictate the amount of electricity and the speed in which your device receives power.  Using an incorrect charger can harm your device’s main board, the charging port, as well as shorten the life of your battery.  We’ve seen all types of problems arise from the use of cheap chargers, and the cost to repair these problems ends up being a lot more than what it would have cost to purchase the right charger in the first place! 

We only sell the top name brands of chargers for use in your home, your vehicle and on the go.  If you’re looking for a charger that will not damage your device, be sure to see one of our specialists who will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.

Batteries and External Battery Backups

Batteries are the heart that keeps your smartphone alive! But even the best batteries need to be replaced sometimes.  On average, a smartphone battery is designed to last approximately 500 charge cycles.  Anything beyond that is bonus.  If you find that your device is not staying charged as long, or is randomly shutting off on you, then most likely you need a new battery.  However, you want to be careful where you purchase your batteries from.  Not all new batteries are actually new.  There is a massive market for re-manufactured batteries where used batteries are being used to create “new” batteries.  These batteries may look new, but they definitely will not perform like new.

We only carry Brand New and Original batteries to ensure that you and your smartphone stay connected all the time!