Test Android Q Beta 5 now with its intricate gestures

The latest leak of Android Q initiated the release of its Beta 5 version recently.

While it might seem like a huge sigh of relief, much is not to be expected with this version until the main release. The release focuses on the members of the developer’s community in anticipation for the big one.

To put that in perspective, the gesture features available on the leaked version, its present on this – speaking of ” launch assistant by swiping from a corner.” The “peek” feature present at the back gesture is conversant with an app with slide out dashboard.

Swiping left or right all work in this new release but it is limited with your phone or app. Most phones would allow you to swipe in and out when using an app with just your left and the right touch. Others would prefer you still swipe out with the same left touch you went in with the menu.

Setting out the gestures is pretty fun for developers.

If you don’t get it at first, it is okay. Peeping from the back feature as it usually called behaves differently in different apps. To burst our bubble, the next release is meant to revert to a three-button navigation system for all who like using third-party launchers. Presumably, such a gesture will reflect on non-pixel phones. (Still wondering how Samsung will manage its right edge swipe display system). Interestingly, Google is of the opinion that issues regarding the launch will get fixed in an update after launch.

Google is taking this road because it somehow believes app developers will change the way their app operates and owing to the fact that it cannot release updates on every android user phones. Now we believe only apps designed for the three button layout Google proposes can reap the benefit.

Changes we expected and those that we didn’t on Beta 5

Notification is a leading topic when features get mentioned for Beta 5. One part goes for silent notification, another deal on “alert” base on in-app default settings. Alerts do appear first before silent notification though.  Both get placed at the top and bottom of each other.

Discretion should be taken to select what notification falls into each section, and if clearing silent notifications would be the best option with the “clear all” feature.

It will be great to know that the Android feature will launch a new dark theme for pixel gadgets. That move will seek to remove white as its central theme. Discretion must also go to users as the new animation might not display with a gadget of pixel 2 XL or 3 XL. Previously leaked features that didn’t make it were navigation pull down and back sensitivity adjustment slider. Hoping they get integrated into the main release.

How to acquire your Android Q Beta 5?

In a recent post, Google talked at length about its new features, including gestures, dark theme, navigation’s, and notifications. Developers who seek to test the release should be aware of the risk as issues are still in the beta stage. Notes have gone out to rectify specific problems though. Updates are rolling out to subscribers, including system image and OTA downloads. Subscribers should begin to get feedback soon. Many more updates are coming regarding this; all you have to do is stay tuned.