Video Message Feature Added to Google Duo

Google’s Duo App has been gaining some good traction with users and they have just released a new feature that has been something users not just want but have come to expect as part of a messaging app. Similar apps have already had this feature for a while now so it is time for Google to catch up and they finally have with the release of the new video messaging component which is now integrated into the Google Duo app.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Google Duo app, this video will help you get acquainted with the Search Giant’s messaging platform that is becoming much more popular everyday:

According to Google here is a description of Google Duo:

“Google Duo is the video calling app that just works. And now, you can leave video messages if the person you’re calling can’t pick up. With a video message, you can capture everything about that moment you wanted to share. It’s kind of like voicemail. But better ;)”

Essentially if you call someone and they don’t pickup then you can leave them a visual voicemail. Basically a 30 second (or less) video message that will be displayed to the person you were trying to call when they are available to check their messages.

This new video messaging feature of Google Duo has arrived as part of Google’s efforts to make the app more robust in order to keep up with competition and separate themselves from other similar apps. The company continues to develop features and the Google Duo app is available on both iOS and Android systems. You likely have the Google Duo app on your phone if you have a newer model smartphone. Perhaps you should give it a try and leave a video message for one of your contacts today!