YouTube Premium and Music Streaming Coming to Canada in 2018

Good news for all of us media streaming loving Canadians! An announcement has come from the tech giant Google ahead of schedule that their popular music and video streaming services are coming to Canada. The YouTube Music and YouTube Premium service have been gaining some serious traction across the United States and other areas where available and now they are set to release in Canada this year.

According to Google, there will be a free subscription offered that will generate revenue from display ads so essentially the free subscription will very much resemble the media streaming currently offered however the new change will be the addition of a paid subscription (roughly $9.99-11.99 CAD) that will allow users to experience YouTube music and video ad-free with some additional perks and bonuses.

Some of the additional bonuses mentioned during the press release include background playing (currently a much demanded feature for smartphone users) as well as the ability to download music to allow for offline enjoyment. Even though many of the features from YouTube premium seem to overlap with the Google Music platform, the company confirmed that Google Music will continue to exist so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your purchased or downloaded songs as well as your playlists.

The new premium service is better known as YouTube Red in the USA but what Google has started to do is break up the YouTube Red platform into two separate services, YouTube Music for music video streaming and YouTube Premium for Google’s original content that will be created in a similar way as Netflix Originals.

So for all of you smartphone users who have been waiting a long time to ditch the ads while watching your favourite music videos or how-to tutorials, the good news is that you can expect this new service to roll out across Canada sometime this year. Although the exact dates are loosely referred to as “soon” by the California-based tech conglomerate, it shouldn’t be long before you can continue listening to YouTube music while you turn off your phone screen or navigate to other apps on your smartphone without missing a beat.

Well done Google and it is likely that sometime in the future they may start offering free trials or discounted subscriptions with the purchase of a Google Smartphone. Of course this is still speculation at this point but it is very likely so stay tuned.