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Wireless Revolution is Ottawa’s largest, fastest & most professional cell phone repair centre. We are truly your one-stop shop for everything to do with your cell phone. We specialize in servicing and repairing cell phones on both the consumer retail & business wholesale levels for our corporate clients.

Our showroom is over 2,000 sq.ft. of new and used cell phones and accessories plus we have a dedicated cell phone repair office to make sure that your phone is repaired by professional techs that have worked on thousands of phones.  If you have a broken screen on your iPhone or cracked glass on your smart phone, Wireless Revolution in Ottawa can get your phone back good as new so you don’t cut your ears anymore.

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Smartphone Repairs

We only employ highly trained technicians to complete your all your electronic repair with high quality workmanship

iPhone Repairs

If you own an Apple iPhone or iPad tablet, having a reliable iPhone repair service in Ottawa that you can count on is a must to protect your investment and ensure that your cell phone is always running in tip top condition.

Cellphone Unlocking

Cell phone unlocking is a process which removes a SIM lock, Network lock or subsidy lock from GSM cell phones.

Tablet Repairs

We only employ highly trained technicians to complete your tablet repair and because of the high quality workmanship.

Computer Repairs

Wireless Revolution is pleased to offer our customers fast mail in repair service with the help of Swift Delivery Messenger.


We offer wholesale pricing to dealers, distributors, and other mobile shops across Canada.

Can’t make it in? Let us pick up your device for FREE!

All you have to do is fill in the form below and we’ll contact you to arrange pickup and discuss the next steps to getting your smartphone or tablet fixed right away at an affordable rate. We are the leading smartphone repair shop in Ottawa and our FREE courier pickup is one more reason to choose Wireless Revolution as your go to provider for everything wireless.

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COVID-19 Release

We are here, with you, our community to work through this crisis. WirelessRev wants to help support the community and all those in need. Being a Telecommunications service provider, we have the option to stay open as an essential service. We have decided to stay open...

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Is the iPhone 11 worth it?

Is the iPhone 11 worth it?

The new iPhone 11 is cheaper than you may have been expecting for an iPhone however the design is similar to last year's model and not as sleek as the Pro. On the plus side, there is a strong, vibrant screen with an upgraded camera and the device is available in new...

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Test Android Q Beta 5 now with its intricate gestures

Test Android Q Beta 5 now with its intricate gestures

The latest leak of Android Q initiated the release of its Beta 5 version recently. While it might seem like a huge sigh of relief, much is not to be expected with this version until the main release. The release focuses on the members of the developer's community in...

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